Getting Started in the PDR Business

"There is nothing like finding Freedom in your work. Freedom to work where you want. Freedom to work when you want. Freedom to work with who you want to work with. The freedom that comes with getting paid what you are worth! For many, Paintless Dent Repair has become that vehicle to Freedom."
- Van Yarnell, President, Flex-A-Dent Inc.

Getting Started

At Flex-A-Dent, we have been starting guys, and a few gals, in the PDR business for over 2 decades. It has been very exciting to watch technicians develop and to reach financial goals beyond what they had thought possible. It is very common for good PDR techs to exceed earnings of $100,000. With that said, it is also important to realize that a career in PDR is not for everyone. In the past our success rate has been very high with our trainees for two reasons.

Our training program is rivaled by NONE!

This is because that from our beginning, it was our goal to offer the highest quality PDR training program in the world. We feel we have accomplished this because we have worked at it very hard for over 20 years.

We understand that PDR is not for everyone.

It is not easy to become a skilled craftsman in the trade. It takes a combination of natural aptitude, dedication, and just plain hard work. Some individuals are not suited for PDR for a variety of reasons such as, physical challenges, optical challenges, and sometimes they just don’t find this type of work satisfying.

We are committed to helping prospective trainees, in as much as we’re able, to determine in advance, if they are a good fit for the industry.

Getting Trained

The first step is to get Trained and Tooled up. Naturally we recommend Flex-A-Dent for training, but a few other hard to find training opportunities do exist.

There are 3 legitimate PDR tool manufactures in the country. We have worked with the largest PDR tool maker in the world that builds a custom set of tools for our people, for over 20 years.

Our training program lasts for a minimum of 2 weeks; you can stay longer if you need too, and is designed to help you build the strong foundation you need to build your skills to the highest possible level. After training you still have access to our instructors to consult with you as you work in the field to improve.

Transition Planning

Everyone starting out should try to have an idea about what side of the business they want to be on, working a wholesale route, or becoming an Auto Hail Repair Tech. Although you can always change your mind about this decision, it will help us help you, to form a transition plan to be implemented after training.

It is unrealistic for anyone to think that they can come right out of training and immediately earn a living. The more you practice your craft, the faster you'll become at producing a high quality repair. For this reason if you are employed, DO NOT QUIT YOUR JOB! You will need to continue to earn your living while you are perfecting your PDR skills.

Some individuals reach a level of proficiency very quickly (90 days), while others can take as long as a year to become proficient. There will be an appropriate time for you to go full-time in the PDR business and that decision should not be taken lightly. We will work with you to tailor a transition plan that will fit your needs and abilities. We want to see you succeed!

Technician Opportunities

Route Technician

A route technician works locally repairing door dings and occasional hail damage. They work primarily in automotive reconditioning situations, such as car dealers, car rental agencies, detail shops, body shops, etc. Their business is driven by volume through local relationships, and unlike Hail Technicians, most route techs are home every night and enjoy more consistent earnings.

Auto Hail Repair Technician

As PDR technicians go, Hail Techs are the Cream of the Crop! It is often said that Hail techs can do door dings, but route techs can’t necessarily perform Auto Hail Repair. The level of quality required to perform adequate hail repair is much higher than wholesale door ding repair. It is common for an experienced Hail Tech to earn as much as $7000 to $8000 per week when they are working. The amount of hail work that exists, will vary from year to year and will generally require technicians to travel nationally and sometimes internationally to stay busy. Many Hail technicians work in another business at home and travel on a limited basis to do hail. If you are going to consider becoming a Hail Technician you should be a very good money manager. In fact, many who pursue a career in PDR find that learning to manage money may well be their biggest challenge.

The Flex-A-Dent Sub-Contractor Development Program

For the most part PDR technicians are independent contractors. They get paid when work volume is created. This is common in all types of Automotive Vendor Services. This non-employee workforce allows an employer to flexibly meet current demands that the market may present, without being encumbered by regulations that accompany employee/employer relationships.

As we expand our Franchise presence in the US we need quality technicians!

As a Flex-A-Dent sub-contractor you will have a measure of Support that a regular entrepreneur does not have. You will become part of a Team, a local vendor with National resources. You will create accounts of your own, including retail business in which you will retain 100% of the volume you create. You will also service accounts that belong to the Local Flex-A-Dent Franchisor. In these cases you will retain the lion’s share of that volume created.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the right individuals! If you are interested in discussing the Sub-Contractor Development Program in more detail, please follow the link below and we will look forward to contacting you to see if you may qualify.

No one will work harder for you, to help you achieve your goals!

Flex-A-Dent has been recognized as a leader in the growing field of Paintless Dent Repair since 1991, providing auto hail repair all over the United States. Flex-A-Dent has been an innovator in PDR tool development and professional Paintless Dent Repair Training.

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